Nalanda English Medium Higher Secondary School

(Governed by Kerala Cultural Association, Regd. No. 7922)

About Us

Kerala Cultural Association was formed in the year 1978 in the MPHB colony. The main alms of KCA are to contribute and widen the horizons in the field of cultural and social activities among the residents of surrounding area and to provide sound and liberal education to their children that would lay stress on discipline. Character-building. Physical development & wide range of cultural activities.
KCA made relentless efforts for this purpose and as a result. Nalanda. Nursery. School was set-up in the year 1979. NNS has grown-up into a reputed educational institution having large number of students in a short span of time. Due to the sincere and co-operative efforts of the members of KCA as well as the residents of this area, the school has grown upto higher secondary level under the name and style of NALANDA ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL. NEMHSS has got a full fledged newly constructed building near Kurud. This School is affiliated to Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education.
The School prepares students for class X and class XII Board Examinations. NEMS provided computer education for the students from class III onwards as it became the need of the day.
In order to encourage the talents of the students we are giving a cash award to the best student of the school every year for his/her academic performance which is known as "PALLIYATHU AWARD" in addition to other various awards of merit for each class.


Our aim is to impart sound and liberal education to students during their impressionable age- a kind of education that would lay stress on discipline, character building, physical development and wide range of cultural activities to become worthy citizens of India, by inculcating the importance of duty and the value of selfless service by imparting spiritual, moral, social and physical education, with a firm and secular base.


School is called the 2nd home or a home away from home. But for K.G. children it should be their 1st home where they should grow well in spirit & health. Our aim is to impart systematic & gradual knowledge. It is like a garden where teachers are gardeners and children are like tender plants. Teachers take maximum care to see that plants grow well & produce beautiful flowers. For that we arrange different growth oriented programmer our education medium is English, but give great regards to Hindi, as it is the national language. Our teachers are well trained and have knowledge of child psychology & child education.

Aims –

1. The age from 2-6 years is the most impressional age period. Foundation of future personality is laid down there. Hence we gave importance to.

   a. Physical Development – through daily physical exercise & outdoor games.

   b. Development of good & healthy habits through proper way of dressing, eating & cleaning i.e. habit formation.

   c. Social Development – they have group participation while playing, cleaning, eating, and singing to learn social manners & attitude celebration also help        a lot.

   d. Emotional Development – we help the child to express their emotions, understand them, control them & accept such feelings.

  e. Intellectual Development – we simulate their intellectual curiosity by making them understand the world in which they live. For that we should          take them to various places.

   f. Encourage & Aesthetic Appreciation – learn art drawing.

   g. Independence & Creativity – we give sufficient opportunity for self assertion.

   h. Language Development – w e teach poems, alphabets, drill various sentences for spoken English.

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